Thursday, November 15, 2012

Caprese Pops!

Now how cute are these?  Easy, no cook, impressive little appetizers.

I put them in a pot of plastic grass...I thought it sounded cute...jury is still out on that one.  If you don't have a pot of plastic grass hanging could stick the skewers in just about anything... get me started!

Ingredients and Directions

Cherry tomatoes
Mini Mozzarella (Ciliengine)
Olive oil
Basil or Pesto

Slice tomatoes in half.  Remove seeds and pulp.   If you have a handy little tool like this great!  If not, a melon baller will work just fine.

Toss fresh mozzarella balls in olive oil, pesto (or basil), salt and pepper.

Skewer tomato's, add mozza balls...walla!  You got Caprese Pops!

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